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Fall In Love In Italy

Dreaming of traveling to a romantic place? But what if you are alone and single? If feel sucks, isn’t it? But do not feel that way because when you are in Italy, single status or not, you would probably fall in love in this beautiful country.

Rolling hills with contoured fields, lovely trees planted in orderly manner makes you escape from reality.

Lucky it is, I must say, to visit Italy for the second time. I guess throwing coins in Fontana de Trevi do came true.

This time, I went to Tuscany region which is located in the northern part of Italy. Tuscany can easily reach by bus or train but train is much faster and comfortable to take though taking trains is much expensive than bus. Regular flights are also available but you won’t be able to enjoy seeing the beautiful landscapes of vineyards and farms along the way.

Hopping city to another city is one of the exciting thing to look forward to every morning i wake up. Every city caters different aura. They have this kind of captivating spirit that draws you to dream and makes your heart beats faster as if your crush is heading your way giving you an attractive good morning smile.

I guess I do not need to explain more about my experience but these pictures would probably explain how happy I am to be in this lovely place. These are random pictures from Florence, Pisa and Venice.

Date visited: May 30 to June 6, 2016



One comment on “Fall In Love In Italy

  1. thomasmolineaux
    January 4, 2017

    Lucky you are, again! I only ever went to Italy in the winter (mostly to play concerts with our band). Venice on a December night was…. brrr
    Your pictures make me want to go back. One Day I will show my family the San Marco Square.

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