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Festive Sunday in Osaka Castle

Spending your day in a park, you will see a lot of people gather together, bringing food while sitting at a big nice tree and having a nice conversation with your families and friends.

Just the same with Japanese people in Osaka. Sunday is time for family and friends after a week of working.

Strolling in a beautiful park in Osaka Castle makes me wonder how it was centuries ago. How many servants and soldiers were there walking around guarding the perimeter of the property. But I am pretty sure all of them wearing serious looks, vigilantly watching every corner of the area. Very different from what we are seeing today. Happy faces of people while setting up picnic cloth while others drinking beers. Kids gleeing while some were playing cards or do biking around the park.

Food carts lined up selling different Japanese food. I am not familiar with other foods but surely it is delicious (based on how it looks) but my very picky palate refuses to try some local foods. Only those I am familiar with that i tried. I must say, nothing can beat the authentic Japanese dishes.

I also noticed how the Japanese do their share to the community when it comes to cleanliness. After shared celebrations and food feasts, they left the place clean. Trashes were on the designated bins. They brought with them what they could recycle like plastic bottles, etc. How I wish all of the people in the world do the same thing.. They will arrive and leave the place clean.

Date visited: April 2016


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One comment on “Festive Sunday in Osaka Castle

  1. thomasmolineaux
    January 4, 2017

    I remember being at the temple grounds in Asakusa in Tokyo, and my friend Stijn and I were too scared to eat anything with katsuobushi on top. Three months in Japan, and we never tried anything with (what we called “fish skin”) on top. Oooooh now I know what I missed!

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