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Sakura in Osaka

Osaka might not be on your bucket list as one of your dream destination but I find the city interesting. Temples, museums, shopping areas, variety of food, cheap prices, organized and clean train stations and nice people sums up why Osaka is a nice place to go to.

Osaka is generally a safe place even when you go out late at night; of course being cautious is still important especially if you are a woman and traveling solo.

What caught my interest more for choosing Osaka as my holiday break was because of the Sakura season. During Spring, Japan draws the attention of the people because it is the season for cherry blossoms or what they call “Sakura”. Cherry blossom is considered the national flower of Japan. “Hanami” or flower viewing is not only in Osaka but all over Japan. Other places like Korea, USA and Canada and I’m sure also in Europe have also cherry blossoms.

You can find cherry blossom trees every where you go in Osaka. Parks, gardens, riverside, Castle’s garden, streets, anywhere as long as there is a soil where the tree can grow.

Osaka Castle has a beautiful landscape in a very large land area near Moronomiya station but does not have enough sakura trees.

Japan “Osaka” Mint near Sakuranomiya or Temmabashi stations, opened its garden to all people who are hungry to see more sakura trees that blooms gracefully and beautifully. I would like to acknowledge the very kind and organized policemen and securities who managed to make our tour organized and peaceful. When you exit from your train station, you can find signages to guide you to the Japan Mint. Police officers and traffic enforcers were visible in every corner of the streets, not only to guide and assist the tourists but also to secure the peace and order in the area.

Before, pink is the only color I know of the sakura but I was blown away with the white, green and lilac colors of the sakura trees. I was like – “oh wow! look at this! beautiful! and smiling gorgeously, as if I am like a child with a handful of candies on my hands.” And I am not the only person feeling that way. Every one was looking lovely having their pictures taken with the sakura flowers. No one cares if you look foolish, smiling on yourself, posing whatever you like, taking numerous selfies using your camera phone, as long as you have a beautiful picture with the flowers to be posted on various social media that you are connected with – no one will care.

Seeing these flowers and experienced this priceless moment with nature that captivates my gentle heart makes me fall in love more with Japan.

Date visited: April 13, 2016



Believe it or not, this is color green!




7 comments on “Sakura in Osaka

  1. Erik Miller
    April 23, 2016

    good job Aya I love how you explain everything….

  2. Kuracha Ledesma
    April 25, 2016

    really hope Someday we come together in Japan.

    Mi, meron din tayong Salibongbong similar to Cherry blossom. Yun lang very rare kung makakita ka man stand alone. If only we can propagate Philippines treasure and imitate Japan how they care for theirs.

    • itchyfeet1
      April 25, 2016

      Sabi ko nga sa kanila meron tyong bougainvillea na maganda din mamulaklak pro bkit hindi pinapansin. Tsk..tsk…

      We still have more trips together.. Japan will be one of the top on the list. 😉

  3. itchyfeet1
    April 25, 2016

    Wala p ako nakitang salibongbong.. Mukhang interesting itsura nun ah.

  4. Cheesetal
    January 2, 2017

    Check out my blog post about where to enjoy the hanami!

  5. thomasmolineaux
    January 4, 2017

    Lovely! We have never been able to travel to Japan during Hana-mi. So glad you could catch it!

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