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Happy Sunday

I spent my Sunday sitting under the sakura tree in a nice and quiet neighborhood near Morinomiya station. I saw this park on my way to the church where i decided to go to before going to Osaka Castle. The church was closed so I returned to the park and decided to stay longer instead.

The park is not that big. Lots of sakura trees surrounding the park. Kids happily playing with their playmates and parents. Such a nice moment to see especially when you are far from home and missing them much and you wish that they were with you right now. Yeaks…teary eyed!

One father is playing with his son. He gets some cherry blossom petals and poured the petals to his son’s face. The son giggles so loudly that his rosy pink cheeks get more rosier. Such a beautiful moment.

Children of ages 2 to 4 are joyously playing. Running, biking, giggling.. Another father teaches his daughter how to blew bubbles.

Not far from my area are a couple of family setting up their picnic cloth, prepares their food while watching their kids play. Indeed, a priceless scenery on a happy Sunday morning in Osaka, Japan.


2 comments on “Happy Sunday

  1. Erik Miller
    April 23, 2016

    great job!

  2. thomasmolineaux
    January 4, 2017

    This reminds me of a beautiful song “Agari Jo” by Yasuko Yoshida. It describes a similar scene. I knew the song for a very long time, but it’s sung in Okinawan, not standard Japanese. Many years later, when I was in Okinawa, a man translated it for me. And I was so happy that the lyrics were “compatible” with the idea I had built up in my head!

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