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Dreaming of Travelling..

Sunday morning and I hear young girls singing in a videoke (karaoke) outside our street. They are having a celebration and they seem to be enjoying it.

While listening to their song, my mind begins to wander.. Wandering and wanting to travel again. My feet starting to itch again.

I’m dreaming of getting lost in the city that I have never been before. Meeting people I have never seen before. Listening to their stories as if Im just starting to learn. The excitement that urges me to pack my things and go.

I don’t want a new car because I want to travel using a public transporation that will bring me to different places from different cities in different countries.

I don’t want a new bag. I want only one bag that will carry all my things. I want this bag be patched by different sticker tags of the airports. I love to see them sticking on my luggage. Different colors from different countries.

For now, I have to continue saving money and work hard. Make plans for my travel and hopefully during this travel I would finally meet the love that I have been waiting for. <3<3


2 comments on “Dreaming of Travelling..

  1. thomasmolineaux
    February 19, 2014

    Ahhhh wanderlust!
    The Germans call it “Fernweh”, which we can translate as longing for somewhere far away.
    The French philosopher Baudelaire described it perfectly as “Anywhere, anywhere!”) (but he did in French haha)

    All jokes aside, I understand what you feel. One tip, for when you cannot seem to go far: go somewhere closeby! Next month I’m planning to go on a camping/hiking trip for a few days in my own country, not even 100 kms from my home. But it will be an adventure indeed!

  2. itchyfeet1
    February 23, 2014

    Yes I agree, sometimes you don’t have to go too far just to have an adventure. You can even have an exciting activity within your community.

    The other day, when the moon was so lovely to look at because of its full moon, I wanted to put up my tent and watch the moon, but since the parking is full I was contented watching it while walking my dog. 🙂

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