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Rainy Afternoon Thought

We, people, tend to seek approval from other person. Happiness. Love. Care. All of which are missing nowadays. Why? Because some, in order to find happiness, buy all the materials things they could buy which they think could give them happiness. Care, some doesn’t know how to give it. They see a lot of people hungry, do they care to give a piece of bread to beggars so that their stomach can be full even just for a while? Do they care to visit old people and children who are sick in the hospital or orphanage? Or do they even care to visit a long lost friend who needs compassion especially during his/her difficult times? Much worse is do they even care for their families who needs their attention because you are so busy attending parties of a friend or other matters that family is not your primary concern?

LOVE — ahhhh…  this is the hardest thing that people can’t do..truthfully and unconditionally. How do we express love? Is it only for family, friends/relatives or to a special someone? Does it ever happen to you that when you are walking on the street, a man/woman/child would smile at you for no reason at all? You don’t know each other, they just smile at you. Is it a wonderful feeling that at times, when you are lonely, someone will give a pat on your shoulder and would say “everything is gonna be alright”. A dog that would jump into your lap when you arrive home from work, waggling his/her tail, licking your face as if you were gone for 10 years! Such a wonderful feeling isn’t it?

The meaning of love is SO HUGE. It is infinite. It can be viral if we know how to express it truthfully and unconditionally. To some, love is a give and take relationship. But what if this person that you love can’t give love the way you want it? Would you say that you love him/her less?  Even an animal, for example a dog who has a disability, would you kill the dog just because he is a disabled animal and would only cause you time to take care of him? People killing, stealing, getting angry at each other, unforgiving, getting selfish in order for them to survive in this world. Survival of the fittest is the name of the game.

I’m not being judgmental but what’s happening now in our world is getting worse. People tend to forget that we are here for one reason — to love one another and make this world a better place. You might find it corny or idealistic but what if we make love be the priority in our lives. Saying I love you is not enough. Show it. Feel it. Give it. Express it. Whether you show it in a simple way, it would make a big difference to every individual.

I admire the people like Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II who give out their love unconditionally through serving people. Mother Theresa loved the poor and the sick. Pope John Paull II who reached out to every nation to preach the gospel. He was one of the few people who made united other religious sect in the name of love and serving God.  True enough they touched so many people. They only give love and nothing else.

There is no rule in giving out your love to human and other living things and I don’t know how you would do it but I hope when you give your love, you give it expressively and unconditionally.


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