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Out Of My Comfort Zone


You know how it is. Sometimes we plan a trip to one place,

but something takes us to another. ~ Rumi♥♥

Months before the scheduled trip, i was hesitant if i would still push this trip or not. Not because i am no longer interested but because the excitement is no longer there because I was supposed to be in ____ country but something happened. Anyways..

New year (2013) came and still undecided until i saw a nice place which made me decide to go for it. Also, one of the reasons that i take it as a GO was when the airline company called one night and telling that the trip was rescheduled and i have been given a chance to change the date if i want to. So that was the sign! 🙂

The next day, I asked my boss if i can take a 1 week off from the office and he agreed (yey! :))

The day has come, i packed my things and went to the airport not sure what to do and what would be my itinerary everyday. All I know is I just want to relax.

I am a shy person but I overcome this shyness when I became more “exposed” to people. Before, I have the tendency not to talk to people especially with strangers because I was afraid they might do something bad on me or the other way around because you don’t know what they will be thinking when you approach them and trying to make a conversation. As I grew older, I became more open-minded, more friendly, and more interested to know more things by hearing/listening to stories from different people. I must say that you will learn a lot of things about life and everything when you listen to their experiences.

On board the plane, I was sitting by the window and sleeping (my flight was 8PM by the way), then I suddenly woke up, started looking blankly outside the window then realized something and made my eyes so BIG. I was seeing a LOT of stars!! That was the second time I saw billions of stars. In Manila, I hardly seen so many stars due to cloudy and maybe also of pollution. The stars as if it was just a few meters away from you. Oh gosh, how I love watching stars and the moon at night. It was such a delight watching them and wishing someone was sitting  beside you looking at the same stars. Hmmm..dreamin!! 🙂 That really made my day (night).

TIPS: When traveling, make sure to pack the things that you can only use for the entire trip because you would not want to be bringing all unnecessary things on your entire trip. Just bring the important ones (aside from your clothes of course) like medicines (for fever, stomachache, anti allergy and the like). But of course it depends on where you would be going. If you think you can buy the stuff you will be needing and you know that it is cheaper, just buy it there instead.


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