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One of the things I am happy to do is baking. I tried to bake cookies and brownies before, it was quite a success but it was only I who eats what I made. My brothers used to tease me that I am not a good cook (though it was quite true because my brother is really a good cook. Delicioso as he describes!)

So I packed the ingredients (the yummy agenda: walnut & pecan choco cupcake) and went to my Auntie’s house to bake. She has a biiiiig oven so it was easier for me to cook. When we reached there, prepared the ingredients and the baking project started.

DSC06608 DSC06611 DSC06618 DSC06620


Voila! Delicioso cum a success!

(downside: i hardly seen/taste the pecan nuts inside! :D)


Happy eating! ♥♥


2 comments on “Cupcake!

  1. itchyfeet1
    February 10, 2013

    Thank you for liking my blog, Mr. Walk n Talk! 🙂

  2. itchyfeet1
    February 11, 2013

    Thank you Sierralei! 🙂

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